Sunday Celebration: 10:00am
4118 Coronado Ave Stockton, CA 95204
Phone: 209.810.9500

Who we are

Purpose Statement

Valley Ministries is a church alive which exists to communicate God's love, to celebrate God and accept all people in order to encourage maturity in Christ, empowering people to share God's love.

Vision Statement

Valley Ministries MCC is not a "gay church." Valley Ministries MCC is a Christian church that is open and affirming of all. Unlike other churches, Valley Ministries is a member of the Metropolitan Community Church denomination, which believes that Christ's love is for all, regardless of age, race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Be you gay, straight, transgendered, or anything else, God loves you and we welcome you.
Valley Ministries is devoted to share the love of Christ with the community through outreach and ministry. We are dedicated to provide worship, discipleship and resources in the Central Valley that will support spiritual and emotional well being.

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