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Missions Possible

missions“With God all things are possible” = Mission: Possible!
Mission:Possible serves to Reach Out with Helping Hands to enlarge our territory as the Living Tree in our Community, in the Valley, in our Native Land, and throughout the World.

Our Mission Team currently offers monthly support to four global ministries:

Asian Pacific Initiative | Encounter Missions International | Mother of Peace Orphanage | Safe Passage

Asian-Pacific Initiative (API)

MCC’s API seeks to cultivate and nourish relationships with people of Asian/Pacific Islands descent: building vibrant, liberating, spiritual communities that are supportive of gender and sexual minorities.

While most LGBT people enjoy relative freedom in North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand, queer people literally have to live in fear that their lives would be in danger just by stepping outside the door. Islamic Fundamentalists frequently send “enforcers” to keep sexual minorities in the closet, or worst yet, “eliminate” them completely. It is not uncommon for a lesbian to be raped by the enforcers or for a gay man to be beaten and tortured. Consequently, gay men and lesbian women cannot assemble, even for worhsip, without being in fear for their lives. In spite of this fact, Rev. Elder Ken Martin and the API have been able to meet with a group of more than 100 LGBT Christians in Pakistan. There is a continuing momentum and desire to see a church in Pakistan and, in addition, MCC is partnering up with CARE Pakistan to offer training for women to become self-sufficient in a safe environment.

API has been in conversation with Global Social Justice on the possibility of planting a church in Malaysia by 2010. A study group has been formed and conversations taking place to establish a thriving church there. There are also talks with an Independent, predominantly LGBT group in Singapore.

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Encounter Missions International (EMI)
EMI is active training missionaries to go into the world and founding and discipling churches throughout the world. Their mission statement reads: “EMI has only one passion and one purpose which is to see the nations come to know God’s love.”

EMI seeks to accomplish this mission by training Christians to:

  • Bring an understandable Gospel so that the nations can choose
  • Open Churches where people can come to, inquire about God, study God’s Word, act on God’s Word, find friendship and fun!

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Mother of Peace Orphanage
The Mother of Peace Orphanage houses and nurtures 210 children ranging in ages from new born to 18 yrs of age. Each child has been infected or affected/impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Mother of Peace is both a farm and orphanage based on strong Christian family life in Mutoko, Zimbabwe with a vision of becoming self-sustaining.

They also facilitate a Child Sponsorship Program where funds are collected and allocated for an individual child’s educational expenses. These expenses include: monthly attendance fee, school uniforms, food and other basic school supplies.
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Safe Passage
Safe Passage works with the poorest at-risk children of families working in the Guatemala City garbage dump. Within a safe and caring environment, we provide a comprehensive and integrated program that fosters hope, good health, educational achievement, self-sufficiency, self esteem and confidence.

“We share the vision that within a safe and caring environment,every child participates in an interated program that fosters optimism, good health, educational achievement, self-esteem, and confidence. Children and parents discover that,through their own efforts, they can move beyond poverty.”