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Board of Directors

About the Board

The Board of directors (BOD) is that body of members in good standing who assist the Pastor in handling the finances and corporate obligations of the church between congregational meetings. Members of the BOD are persons who have experience and ability in financial and business matters and who make an extraordinary commitment to the church in the area of time, talent, and tithe. They are the corporate officers of the church and are responsible for the corporate business of the church. Our board works on a consensus model, we value each others ideas and work hard in sharing ministry.

Board Members

Below is a list of our current BOD members, as well as a brief job description for each position. For a full description you can contact Pastor or any of the Board Members and they can assist you. A copy of the full job descriptions is also included in your New Member packet if you chose to join Valley Ministries MCC as a full member.

Current Board of Directors:

Vacant – Moderator

 Vacant – Vice Moderator

Angie Darby – Treasurer

Rosslyn Halekakis – Clerk

EJ Rios – Board Member at Large

Marsha Cruz – Board Member at Large


Currently Held By: 
Job Description: This position is held by the Senior Pastor. The Moderator shall preside over the board meetings, the annual congregational meeting, and any other scheduled congregational business meetings.

Vice Moderator

Currently Held By: 
Job Description: The Vice-Moderator shall preside over the board meetings at the request of the moderator or in the absence of the moderator. In the absence of the senior pastor the vice-moderator will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the church. The Vice-Moderator will also be responsible for receiving reports of any violations of the Clergy Code of Conduct and reporting to the elder if necessary.


Currently Held By: Angie Darby
Job Description:The Treasurer shall keep adequate accounting records, ensure that all bank statements are reconciled, and shall consistently review the finances for the purpose of ensuring accuracy and anticipating any financial problems. The Treasurer will submit to The Board a monthly treasurer’s report to include period beginning and ending cash balances, and an income and expense report for the period and will also submit all required reports to UFMCC.


Currently Held By: Rosslyn Halekakis
Job Description: The Clerk shall prepare an agenda for The Board meetings with the input of the moderator and the Members of The Board. S/he will likewise work with the moderator to prepare an agenda for the congregational meeting and ensure that congregational meeting notices are sent and congregational packets are prepared according to the VMMCC by-laws.

Board Member at large

Currently Held By: EJ Rios
Job Description: Not available at this time…

If you are interested in a position on the BOD.

Please download an application from our resources page located at : Resources or you can simply Click Here