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A Team of people at Valley Ministries that does follow up with people from our congregation in need. They will call a loved one in the hospital. They will visit a sick one in bed to encourage and pray over… Continue reading


ConnectionsIf you are looking for a purpose in life, Valley Ministries is a great place to find it!  If you’re looking for answers, discover them with us!  If you’re looking for a family, we are offering you ours!… Continue reading

Prayer partners


You can send us your prayers to our Prayer Partner Team, they will pray over your prayer…you can submit your prayer through the contact page by selecting Prayer Partners in the drop down box and fill it in and send… Continue reading

Missions Possible

missions“With God all things are possible” = Mission: Possible!
Mission:Possible serves to Reach Out with Helping Hands to enlarge our territory as the Living Tree in our Community, in the Valley, in our Native Land, and throughout the World.

Our… Continue reading


valley-mediaThe Valley Ministries Media team is an integral part of Valley’s Ministries website and many of our worship service presentations.

Our Media team consists of:

  • Video team – Responsible for recording of all our worship services as needed and the… Continue reading



To welcome in the love of Jesus in a non-threatening way.

Valley Ministries strives to welcome people from all faith backgrounds or even no faith background. Some people have been told by a church they are not accepted and… Continue reading

Care Bear

The Valley Ministries Care Bear Ministry Team.

The Care Bear Ministry was established to provide support to the congregation. We also support the pastor with her pastoral outreach which can include get well cards, supportive phone calls, hospital visits.

The… Continue reading


DiscipleshipA time of teaching spurring growth with group interaction with different speakers.
The speaker gives everyone an opportunity to ask questions during the class.
It is a great time to learn and get some real rubber meets the road teaching.… Continue reading